To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Alien, Studio Yutani has made limited edition Winged Sun Lapel Pins. All profits will go back into our community initiatives. Measuring 5cm wide and 1.1 high, these are the perfect compliment to any Alien or Cosplay outfit. Free standard shipping. Shipping may take 2 weeks.

UPDATE: 4/26/19 – an update of our original article, enhanced for this Alien Day. Why Alien Remains Influential: Dan O’Bannon, H. R. Giger, Ridley Scott, and the Film’s Legacy. Introduction and Overview “It was the most incredible preview I’ve ever been in. I mean, people were screaming and running out of the theater.” —Editor Terry […]

WEYLAND MEGACORP ARCHIVES RA 22:53:13.0 Dec -14:15:13 GLIESE 876B: Xiwang Colony[1,2] TERRAFORMED: 2040 – 2048 POPULATION: 9,940,000 ESTABLISHED: 2048* INDUSTRY: Mining, Refining.    NOTES: Gliese 876b has large fields of natural gas. KEY RESOURCES: Methane[3], Terbium[4], Nitrogen[5], Helium[6]. An international team of astronomers used the Hubble Space Telescope to help make a precise measurement of […]