Parallels: Ricks, Upworth and Shaw’s Death

Little do people know, the shower scene in Alien: Covenant was not just a homage to the modern Slasher Flick, but to a 90’s Movie turned T.V. Series called “The Red Shoe Diaries”

The film opens just after Alex kills herself. Her fiance Jake Winters (David Duchovny) finds her diary and begins reading about her uncontrollable attraction to another man (Billy Wirth).

Brigitte Bako (Pictured above) said that Alex’s two lovers weren’t the reason for her suicide but based on the problems she had. “She was drinking in every scene, and her mother was an alcoholic.”

Brigitte Bako added that she was upset to learn that all of those references were taken out of the final version of the film.

“No one ever talks about people who have it all and purposely mess it up,” she said. “It’s important to know a lot of people look fine and act fine and give little hints that everything is not fine. But no one around you knows. The majority of people I know who committed suicide were rich kids that had everything.”

“There’s a self-destructive element in many people. I’ve been self-destructive.”

Ricks (Jussie Smollett) and Upworth’s (Callie Hernandez) death were also cut from Alien: Covenant, sitting somewhere on the editing floor.

The link to Alien: Covenant is the passage in the Divine Comedy, in relation to the people damned to the second level of Hell for the lustful. All of these couples have sinned in the eyes of God, in one way or another, as Dante is the author of our journey it is he who decides their suffering in Hell.

David’s creation sets about intruding on this sexually charged and intimate moment, Upworth’s body was thrown through the glass(as explained in the Art of Alien: Covenant Book). Unfortunately the footage was never used in the final cut of the film(I feel sorry for the stunt woman that filmed that scene to not have it used), we are only left to wonder what her death was like. One of the film crew remarked that it was the bloodiest set they have ever been on, and they had been on a lot of movie sets.

In Red Shoe Diaries Alex’s Fiance and Lover fight it out near the conclusion of the film, it mirrors the battle between David and Walter as each struggles to fight over Daniels.

Alex’s self destructive nature sadly reminds me of Li Tobler, H.R.Giger’s muse.

Li and Giger first lived together, often in condemned buildings. They had an open relationship, but it remained deeply intense, and inspiring to Giger and his work.

But Li suffered from emotional insecurity and heavy drug-dependence just as Alex from Red Shoe Diaries did. The physical exhaustion from theatrical tours took a toll on her health and at just 27 old she committed suicide by gunshot, which was a result of her constant depression.

Some claimed that she was affected by the morbidity of Giger’s work, but according to him, she had wished her life to be short and intense.

The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long – and you have burned so very, very brightly, Roy.

Elden Tyrell, Blade Runner 1982

There is a homage to Giger’s Li in David’s Lab, Elizabeth Shaw gutted and vivisected remained the repeated focus of David’s work just as Li was a repeated subject of Giger’s.

Practical effects by ODD Studio for Alien: Covenant

For those suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts I urge you to seek help.

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