King Saul, David, Sir Peter Weyland & Android David

Painting By Rembrandt, Public Domain.

God is angered when Saul unlawfully offers a sacrifice and later disobeys a divine instruction and sends an evil spirit to torment Saul, so his advisors send for David who is skilled composer and soothes Saul by playing the lyre. David then enters the service of the king as one of the royal armour-bearers.

In the beginning of Alien: Covenant, David plays the piano at Peter Weyland’s request, and in Prometheus David is shown arming Weyland with a walking device which could be seen as his ‘armour.’

A giant Goliath issues a challenge to the Israelites during a war, requesting a champion to face him in single combat. David declares that he can defeat Goliath, facing him without armour and armed only a sling he defeats giant.

This parallels with David’s journey to Planet 4, only he defeats 2 million Engineers by dropping the payload from the Dreadnought.

Saul grows anxious as David’s popularity soars, he fears that David may steal his throne so Saul plots his death. Saul’s son Jonathan, concerned for David warns him of the murder plot and he flees. Saul and David reconcile after David demonstrated he meant him no harm by infiltrating Saul’s camp and removing his spear and a water jug from his side while Saul and his guards slept. Saul sends the prophet Samuel to anoint David as his successor.

In the David viral advertising he is described as the most popular model, present in nearly every household and work environment. Weyland is concerned about his mortality as he is reminded constantly of this when facing his natural daughter Meredith Vickers, he wishes to transcend his human form to become a God. David is proof that he is no mere mortal, but a creator who can make something from ‘nothing.’

When Jonathan, Saul and Ishbosheth(Saul’s only surviving heir) is killed in battle, David is anointed king over Judah and Israel.

In the Prometheus Blu-ray menu, under Happy Birthday, David. Sir Peter Weyland describes David as his legacy and true heir.


King David conquers Jerusalem between 869-1003 BCE and brings the Ark of the Covenant to the city. David’s proposes to build a temple to store the Ark, but Nathan forbids him prophesying that God has made a covenant with the house of David stating, “your throne shall be established forever.”


If you do this, there will be no turning back, my creatures shall be set loose, to rule this galaxy.” David, Advent Transmission B88Q to Weyland Yutani


Which parallels with the end of Alien: Covenant, emerging victorious and walking amongst his ‘Gods’ he takes the Covenant towards Origae-6. I predict that Weyland Yutani makes a deal with David to establish a kingdom and legacy for his ‘children,’ the Xenomorphs.

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Illustration by Dane Hallett for Alien: Covenant.


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