Michelangelo’s David and Android David

Michelangelo’s David By Livioandronico2013

“It-he held out a hand and made contact with the stone. It was cool, dry, unyielding. Not Human, yet so very human” – David, Alien: Covenant Novelisation

The statue of David in Weyland’s ‘White Room’ is the very same Biblical David.

Here are the paralells I have identified:

Biblical David is the youngest of 8

The android David is actually the oldest because he is the first prototype android.

Biblical David was a talented composer and musician for King Saul of Israel

Peter Weyland who sits upon the Carlo Bugatti Throne Chair in Alien: Covenant; head of his empire Weyland Industries, asks David to play the piano. Composing his own rendition of Das Rheingold, Entry of the Gods into Valhalla by Wagner.

Both were anointed, chosen over the biological children of their King and expected to carry on their legacy.