The Holy Grail


Holloway reaches for the Engineers Sacrificial Cup
By Sylvain Billet – Picture of Sacro Catino (Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, Italia), GFDL


This could be another link to the green stone in the Head Room.

I have multiple theories for the Green Stone, one of them ties to an ancient flood myth passed down by oral tradition through the Aboriginal people of Australia. This myth starts off in a pretty similar way, a meteorite plunged into the earth over 14.8 million years ago, vapourising the terrestrial rock. These gases condensed and solidified as it fell back down into the crater and these formed aerodynamic pieces of green glass. This green glass is also called moldavite and since it’s discovery some 25,000 years ago by ancient peoples it has become a symbol of fertility, immortality, rebirth and even has ties to biblical legends such as the Emerald of Lucifer and the Covenant used at the Last Supper. These are a collection of these myths which have been told for many years, since the days of early man. The shared themes between all of these are:

  • Miraculous properties:  heal and revive the dead and give immortality.
  • Association with creation or fertility
  • Association with a entity believed to help mankind or bestow knowledge and gifts
  • This entity also refused subjugation and because of that was cast out of ‘Heaven’ or ‘Paradise’

These myths all sound familiar to the story of Prometheus and how he brought knowledge to mankind and also guided them, and for that was punished one way or another.

The Sacro Catino, kept in Genoa Cathedral, is a hexagonal dish of the Roman era made of green Egyptian glass,  would later become identified as the Holy Grail. The first explicit claim to this effect is found in the Chronicon by Jacobus de Voragine, written in the 1290s. Pedro Tafur, who visited Genoa in 1436, reported that the Holy Grail, “made of a single emerald” is kept in Genoa Cathedral. The bowl was seized and taken to Paris by Napoleon in 1805, and it was damaged when it was returned to Genoa in 1816.

This legend had been debunked as the vessel was not Emerald but some form of green glass, though many believed this to be the covenant used in the last supper it’s thought to be falsified grandure as Christ would have not been able to afford such a expensive looking piece.

Lapis ex Caelis – The Emerald Of Lucifer & The Holy Grail

The word “grail” is thought to originate from the Persian word “Ghr” which means “Pearl” or “Stone”. The Persian word for “engraved stone” is “ghr’al” which looks and sounds like the english word “grail”.

Some theorise that the grail was symbolic of Christs bloodline which ties back to the fertility Goddess, Venus of Willendorf.

In the Arthurian Grail epic Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach, it is clearly stated that the Holy Grail is a stone which reflects qualities of the philosopher’s stone, which can heal and revive the dead and give immortality among many other things.

“If you do not know it, it shall here be named to you. It is called lapis excillis. By the power of that stone the phoenix burns to ashes, but the ashes give him life again. Thus does the phoenix mount and change its plumage, which afterwards is bright and shining and as lovely as before There never was a human so ill but that, if he one day sees the stone, he cannot die within the weeks that follows. And in looks he will not fade. His appearance will stay the same, be it maid or man, as on the day he saw the stone, the same as when the best years of his life began, and though he should see the stone for two hundred years, it will never change, save that his hair might perhaps turn grey. Such power does the stone give a man that flesh and bones are at once made young again. The stone is also called the Grail.”– Wolfram von Eschenbach, Parzival

There’s a story of how Archangel Michael had fought Lucifer, as Lucifer was cast out Michael swung his sword hitting his crown and dislodged an Emerald which then fell to Earth. This emerald was said to have caused the fall of humanity, afterwards another angel had retrieved the stone and fashioned it into the grail which was then used at The Last Supper.

“The stone that fell to earth was an emerald that adorned Lucifer’s forehead. It was cut into the shape of a bowl by a faithful angel, and thus the Grail was born. It was given to Adam before he was expelled from the Garden of Eden. Seth, Adam’s son, having temporarily returned to the earthly paradise, took the Grail along with him. Other people transported the Grail to Montsegur, a fortress in the Pyrenees, which Lucifer’s armies besieged in order to get the Grail back and put it into their leader’s crown, out of which it had fallen; but the Grail was allegedly saved by knights who hid it within a mountain.”– Julius Evola

Supposedly once when the grail was discovered it was given to Napoleon who was disappointed it was just a chunk of green glass, not what he expected the holy grail to be.