A taste of what’s to come: Gaccari, creation of a fanzine. [POSTPONED]




There’s a community of artists on tumblr. Focused and passionate they put their art out into the world. Gaccari is one of those artists, testing the waters on whether or not people would be interested in a fan magazine featuring artwork of characters from the movies Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. Their post piqued my interest when they said “It would be an appreciation of the characters in that universe, without reducing them to fan service. I’d be aiming for themes/aesthetic that generally fits the alien franchise.”

To give you an idea of what this may look like here’s a post of Walter gazing at the horizon.


Provided enough interest is registered, they will look at having it printed nicely. On completion I hope to purchase three copies, one I will put in my special blog giveaway next year. Gacari will be opening submissions as of early next year and the magazine is scheduled to be completed around March/April.