Myth of cattle and grain

 The “Debate between sheep and grain” or “Myth of cattle and grain” is a Sumerian creation myth, written on clay tablets in the mid to late 3rd millennium BCE.

The story opens with a location “the hill of heaven and earth,” the dwelling place of the gods, situated at the point where the heavens rest upon the earth.

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It is there that mankind had their first habitat, and there the Babylonian Garden of Eden is to be placed. Which serves as the opening scene in Prometheus 2012 and in Alien: Covenant, also in the Meet Walter advert. What all these places have in common is that they were all the point of creation, the creation of man, of Walter and of David.

To feed and clothe the Annunaki, the god An creates the cattle-goddess Lahar and the grain goddess Ashnan; who in turn made man. Lahar and Ashnan are created in the “duku” or “pure place” and the story further describes how the Annunaki describing the introduction of animal husbandry and agriculture: create a animal pen with plants and herbs for Lahar and a house, plough and yoke for Ashnan.

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An is represented by Weyland, as he creates David, who is Lahar because he uses Elizabeth Shaw’s flesh in the creation of the Perfect Organism, and Walter is Ashnan, in the Covenant extra’s he is in the hydroponics bay tending to the plants

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The story continues with a quarrel between the two goddesses over their gifts which eventually resolves with Enki and Enlil intervening to declare Ashnan the victor. In this case David deceives Daniels by disrobing Walter and taking his clothes to take his place, clothing is symbolic of power in the myth. To lose ones clothes will cause you to lose your power and descend to the underworld, in which case, Walter is trapped in David’s Hell on Planet 4. The end of the debate after pros and cons of both cattle and grain are made, grain is chosen as the victor, that man does not need meat to live. But it’s superfluous that wheat should be valued more over meat, because their value is about the same.

 From sunrise till sunset, may the name of Grain be praised. People should submit to the yoke of Grain. Whoever has silver, whoever has jewels, whoever has cattle, whoever has sheep shall take a seat at the gate of whoever has grain, and pass his time there. – Debate between Sheep and Grain, Hesiod’s Works and Days


Meredith Vickers, Prometheus 2012