Khang Le’s Concept Art for Prometheus 2

Just recently there’s been a buzz about Mr Le’s work for Alien:Covenant(more specifically before it became Alien: Covenant). But when he’s not creating concept art, he’s toiling away on his own studio project Hawken.

Boss of Adhesive Games and creative director for Hawken, I have been keeping an eye on Khang Le’s work since he was interviewed by Kotaku in 2011.

Hawken is available on Steam

Although his personal site is down right now, I have a copy of his concept art he did for Prometheus 2. He hasn’t been credited for concept art officially, but that’s usually the way it goes in production. The story was changed and Prometheus 2 was scrapped for Alien: Covenant. Although I still love what we got, I can’t help but feel how much we may have missed out because of the studios interference. I just hope Disney let’s Ridley Scott do his thing, because this looks so amazing!

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