Project Prometheus: Mission

Video transcription:

Hello, I am Andrea Bishop, Testing and Training specialist for Project Prometheus. A Weyland Industries special initiative. I have been authorised by the company to divulge more about this mission. You see the latest space exploration vehicle enabling this project is not named Prometheus without reason. Our founder Sir Peter Weyland has always been profoundly influenced by the Titan Prometheus, in fact many see significant parallels between the two. Like the Titan, Sir Weyland fashioned beings from nothing, and now Sir Weyland has given us our fire, the ship he has reverently named Prometheus. Recently the project acquired its genesis, scientists Dr Shaw and Dr Holloway uncovered a set of very relevant co-ordinates that will bring Sir Weyland’s long standing inquiry to the true origin of mankind to fruition. Weyland Industries will soon be able to give the world the greatest gift of all. Truth. And like the Titan himself, we believe in delivering humanity this gift at whatever cost. If you believe you are qualified to share our search for truth, now is the time to apply.

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Information from Project Prometheus:

About the Mission

Conceived and planned by Sir Peter Weyland himself, Project Prometheus is Weyland Industries’ most significant initiative yet. Sir Weyland named the mission in honor of the great titan who first gave mankind fire; now, he returns the favor by giving his own gift of fire to the masses, one that will guide the company and its investors to the ultimate truth via the U.S.C.S.S. Prometheus.

The mission of Project Prometheus is to seek out the actual origin of mankind, wherever it may be. Weyland Industries believes this voyage will yield extraordinary dividends for its investors; financially and spiritually. This mission is incredible in scope: not only do we endeavor to bring vital knowledge back to investors, but it will mark the furthest a human has ever ventured into our universe. Because of the high level of risk involved, Weyland has searched far and wide to find the most skilled, dedicated and exceptional professionals to contribute their expertise to the mission. These are the people who will build a better world for us all.

Even before the movie was released this viral marketing video which was made to promote the interactive website for Prometheus, it boasted many interactive physical and cognitive tests to determine capable of joining the Project Prometheus Mission.


The first thing to note is the name of the Testing and Training Specialist, Andrea Bishop. I can’t really tell if she is a human or an android (turns out she’s an AI), she doesn’t seem to blink, maybe perhaps that’s the point. Even though the David series was widely advertised there could have been female model Androids. No doubt this is an Easter Egg, a homage to Aliens Lance Bishop and Alien 3 Michael Bishop.

Even at this early stage, you can see they tried to clue in the audience of where they were going with the movie, drawing attention to the parallels that link Sir Peter Weyland and the Titan Prometheus.

Unfortunately, the PROJECTPROMETHEUS.COM website is no longer available, but if you would like to read up on the creators of the campaign you can have a look here.

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We’re currently looking for candidates to play a significant role in Project Prometheus, a highly classified initiative we’ve been developing for decades now. We feel that your thorough exploration of transmedia on, as well as your work in academia, suggest that you might be an excellent candidate for a Research Director or Lead Interpreter position.