Death of Milburn, Fifield and Holloway


Dante and Virgil enter a burning desert in Canto 14, confronted with souls laying flat, some crouching and some writhing, their punishment is to have fire rain down on them for all eternity.

Some lay upon the ground, flat on their backs; (Milburn)
some huddled in a crouch, and there they sat; (Fifield)
and others moved about incessantly. (Holloway)

(Inf. 14.22-24)

These souls are being punished because of their opposition to God, Capaneus a soul who speaks to Dante about his punishment is very proud of sticking to his guns. He says Hell left him unchanged.

Virgil chastises him saying it’s not something he should be proud of, and because of his arrogance his punishment is made worse. Holloway displayed arrogance in the transmission Weyland Industries sent to LV223 prior their departure, saying he wanted to smash all man-made religions. But when he is essentially given physical proof of his creator he is still unsatisfied he cannot directly get answers, then it’s David’s creator and God Weyland that robs Holloway of meeting his maker… At least in the flesh.

Milburn a biologist is sceptical about Shaw’s mission, believing Darwin’s theory of evolution is the only way for life to evolve. Is then killed by a rapidly evolved alien lifeform, something he couldn’t and wouldn’t believe possible.

Fifield is driven only by money and has no interest in pursuing the origins of man, or meeting God. He’s confronted with God and still denies their power and existence.

All of these things in the eyes of God are blasphemy’s against him, the question is… Who’s God. We know Heaven and Hell are of our own making, then by which rules are these people punished?

O Capaneus, for your arrogance

that is not quenched, you’re punished all the more:

no torture other than your own madness

could offer pain enough to match your wrath. – Inf. 14.63-6

In Dante’s Inferno and in The Divine Comedy it is Dante who decides the punishment of those in Hell, they are judged on their Earthly sins by Dante’s moral standards.

LV-223 name of the planet has been linked to the passage in the Bible:

“Say to them: ‘For the generations to come, if any of your descendants is ceremonially unclean and yet comes near the sacred offerings that the Israelites consecrate to the LORD, that person must be cut off from my presence. I am the LORD.” – Leviticus 22:3

Ceremonially unclean is what they all were, and none of them got the chance to meet The Last Engineer.

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