Alien Parallels: Two Scientists Suffer From Hubris

Ripley 8 & Dr. Wren
Ripley 8 & Dr. Wren

I found these two sections to be quite similar, it is also interesting to note that both Daniels and Ripley are capable women, having their valid concerns dismissed by men in power using terminology they can associate with. Ripley later pilots the Betty because both Johner and Viress cannot, and Daniels later defeats the Xenomorph on the lander using her climbing skills.

“I’m fully aware of what they were promised. Karine and I were promised the same thing immediately, to occur upon the Covenant’s official decommissioning. As were you and the rest of the crew. I’m not free climbing here. I’m making a sound judgment based on all the data we have. Or are you disputing Ricks’ and Mother’s analytics?” “Yeah, well,” she muttered, “we don’t owe the colonists sound judgment. We owe them our best judgment, Captain. And in my judgment, putting the mission in jeopardy to follow a rogue signal to an unknown and unidentified planet in an uncharted system is not the best judgment.”

Alien: Covenant

“We’re not flying blind here, you know. This is the United Systems military, not some greedy corporation.” Like he wouldn’t work for a ‘greedy corporation’ if they’d let him do this kind of science, Gediman thought but kept it to himself. Ripley only stared at her plate. Her words were lifeless. “It won’t make any difference.” The sentence seemed to trigger some memory in her, making her frown and consider. Then she continued, “You’re still gonna die.” Wren clasped his hands in front of him, in full “doctor” mode. “And how do you feel about that?” She shrugged. “It’s your funeral, not mine.”

Alien: Resurrection

It struck me that these two sections of the book are quite similar. It must be both Wren and Oram, both men of science making sound decisions based on their perception that they are the ones in control. That their choice couldn’t lead to death and destruction. How wrong they were.

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