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Creatives: Ev Shipard, Concept Artist for Alien Covenant

My next instalment of the creatives series features the amazingly talented concept artist Ev Shipard who worked on art concepts for the Engineer city, David's Lab and the Egg chamber. You can listen to my podcast with him and Wayne Haag here Creatives: Wayne Haag and Ev Shipard – Episode 15 – Yutani Podcast Clara Fei-Fei: … Continue reading Creatives: Ev Shipard, Concept Artist for Alien Covenant

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Pithos & Urns on LV223

I read an interesting theory that the headroom was actually like a graveyard of sorts, maybe of dead engineers. If you look at the way the Black Ooze acts when David tips the ampule upside down, it looks just like when the Engineer plunges into the water after drinking the Black Ooze. Pithos [1] is the … Continue reading Pithos & Urns on LV223

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For Y U T A N I . B L O G's Alien Day Online make sure you Subscribe to our blog or Subscribe to Yutani Podcast Patreon To be in the chance to win Pop vinyls, Pins, Crew Patches, Posters. Those without facebook can join me on my live stream via Discord.  Alien Day … Continue reading ALIEN . DAY: UPDATE