That’s why they call it Paradise…

There is an oasis of fun and frivolity for the Alien franchise, such a place was needed after much of the backlash from the release of the prequels. Vince has kindly given us an idea of how his group of 2,400 members began:
“Early last summer I was elated after seeing Alien: Covenant. I wasn’t well versed with Facebook groups or the Alien fandom that existed there and other places online.
It was actually a troubling experience as all the groups I joined absolutely despised the movie; to the extent of pure hatred. I was at a loss because I also went to sponsored groups specifically made specific to Alien: Covenant. They were already defunct only a couple weeks after the release.
Soon after I found myself in the company of Melissa Saunders, Kev Liz King, and Sir Lance Solo and we were all on the same page with our love for the prequels and I told them to give me till the weekend and we’d have our own group. Well, I created it the next day and it blossomed.
I don’t take credit for it all as I wanted to be part of a multidimensional project; a group with a club vibe. In essence like a building with several areas. There’s a place for friends, joking around, the finer things, art parallels, related articles, off topic and full on atom-splitting canon.
There’s a place for everyone and it’s the place I want to be. “

On asking Michael Kenwell about what he thought about the group, he said “Vince has provided fans of the ALIEN prequels a great place for in-depth discussion and insightful dialogues about these films, discussions which have tended to polarize large segments of the ALIEN fandom in more general themed ALIEN FB groups. In the words of many members, he has provided a ‘haven’ for fans of the prequels to freely discuss their love of these Prequel films.”

Through my experience, this group is a breath of fresh air, trolls and bullying or toxic behaviour aren’t tolerated and for the most part with the respect that’s given, members are willing to take another look at movies they previously ruled out flawed and undesirable.

We don’t agree on everything and our opinions greatly range, but it doesn’t stop us from discussing what we like and don’t like, allowing further analysis and insight into the franchise we love.