Support System: Digging Into Alien’s Supporting Characters

Xenomorphing is back! Check out his series on supporting characters.


WordPress was kind enough to remind me that has now been over three months since my last post. Thank you all for continuing to support the page and site despite a complete lack of content on the article side. My life went from the end of Aliens, everything all figured out: home,family, and cat, to having my stasis interuppted and unceremoniously thrown back into a world I hadn’t been in quite some time. However, I am back and ready to dig into this project idea I’ve had for awhile. The supporting characters in the Alien franchise have always been interesting to look into, despite it’s varying quality over the years. I will dig into each movie from Alien to Covenant, with a podcast episode to pair with it. Enough fanfare, the classic Alien awaits!

Part of what makes Alien so great is how it presented each character. Because of the…

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