Literacy and the universe of ALIEN.

I love that AVP Galaxy staff work so hard to give the fans something like this. It’s a great research tool and you get to read and understand changes as well. Or see what could have been. Fantastic!

The Nostromo Files


In the interest of promoting literacy, The Nostromo Files would like to point you to a resource that will expand your perspective on the cinematic universe of ALIEN, in all of its incarnations. has a considerable store of goodies, among them the scripts from all six Alien movies, as well as some from the Predator and Alien vs. Predator series.

See for yourself how these stories changed in the making. Having these scripts to read is a nice gift, considering that the scripts of many movies are not available online or for free.

They make great learning tools for those looking to learn the craft of screenwriting.

So why not take advantage of scripts library today?


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