Update 2018 (April 1) – Regarding Planets

Thanks for the mention SM.

Check out the updates to the Alien Universe map!

And thanks to Alien Theory for bringing up Xarem on our podcast together, that’s our little contribution. Canon or not 🤓

The Alien Universe Timeline

I’ve had a couple of questions recently about the location of planets on the Galactic Map, so I thought I’d expand a bit on the original entry.

Some locations are real places. These include:

Zeta Reticuli (1 and 2) – The distance between them has been exaggerated slightly for clarity.

LV-44-40 – The ‘Defiance’ comic lists the system as Zeta Doradus. The original script said Alpha Doradus, but considering the time period the comic is set (2137) and the time it took the Europa to get there (27 days), I suggested they change it to Zeta Doradus as it seemed more realistic (Alpha Doradus is a 169 light years versus 38 for Zeta). Witness the power I wield.

Cetti Epsilon IV – As per Drake’s t-shirt, this is adapted from the actual star Epsilon Ceti.
Arcturus – The source of the much vaunted poontang.

Some locations were estimates:

Fiorina 161…

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