I had a dream…

As you could imagine, with most of my days and nights consumed with every aspect of the franchise from podcast editing to chasing up creatives for interviews, listening to audio books and researching art pieces. There was going to be an eventual build up to some sort of night time filing in my head which would result in a dream. Recently I had been researching Cold Iron Studios and their work with Fox Next and Fox Destinations and my dream not long ago resulted in a most satisfying bridge that I wondered if I should share it.

I had briefly mentioned it in my podcast with Project Acheron(Which I am still editing).

But I thought I should document it for posterity, maybe I will even write out a proper plan if someone with more talent than I can assemble this idea.


I had a dream that Fox had decided to not make the next movie, they decided to continue it in the game format.

It was a first-person VR game, so everything felt like you were in the UNIVERSE of ALIEN.

I started out in a dropship, I was part of a re-con mission tasked with responding to information relayed by David from the Covenant. We, the Marines had been sent to Planet 4 to check out what had happened.


We landed safely on the planet’s surface, my surrounding team consisted of mainly humans Marines and one Marine Walter model to help us on our mission.

Opening the lander we stepped out, it was late afternoon and there was still a bit of light. We see the Covenant lander and Karine’s charred body.  We followed a signal which the Covenant had reported as something it had to respond to. Naturally, we find the juggernaut/derelict on the mountainside. Going into the wreckage we find Shaw’s water logged journal and Shaw and Holloway’s picture, the ID tag of Dr. E.Shaw. my heads-up display allows me to spot and scan items and we get a brief history of the failed Prometheus mission but most “important items” are either censored or redacted. You get an idea the company only tells their Marines enough to send them into trouble and not get them out of it.

We reach the control panel and end up playing Shaw’s transmission, its even sad and lonely in person. Then we hear screams coming from outside the ship. We run and run just in time to see that one of our crew members has fallen sick, he’s been infected by the spores. We struggle to get them down the mountain and head to the wheatfield. I have to mash on some buttons to hold them down as a mouth-burtster comes out and runs off. The sun dips behind the peak and it suddenly gets dark. I hear screams coming from all parts of the wheatfield, we back into a circle to defend our ground as Neomorphs come for us bounding through the tall grass. My weapon pointed at their teeth, firing off round after round to no avail. We are running out of ammo and we decide to make a run for it to the city as there is a map “given to us” by the company. We take cover in the city and make our last stand, hiding behind the charred engineer’s bodies. Once it looks quiet enough we decide to explore the Engineer city. This was a very interesting part because every room we came to contained some sort of information or puzzle we could solve if we knew the engineer language, so basically we recorded information and moved on. One of our guys stumble upon the Engineer Cathedral, with Walter disabled and folded up on the floor. Our Walter unit aids him in rebooting and we get a brief history of what happened with David and the crew. He could decipher the puzzles after reading David’s research in the Lab, we decide to split up and cover more ground some of us go to the Egg Chamber. We had lost track of where they were but then they re-appeared and impregnated without our “knowledge” of it. We make camp and we are sleeping around the fire with Walter watching over us when one of the guys starts wailing. Covenant Walter realises what is happening and performs an operation on the Marine, while we are all distracted the Marine Walter sneaks an Ovomorph onto the dropship (IKR) and hides it. So it turns out this was a recovery mission for David’s bioweapon and the Walter unit we had dispatched with us is working for the company.

After we have saved the Marine we realise the Marine Walter is gone and we split up looking for him, some houses we hadn’t checked before have mutated engineers in them. They look like Khang Le’s artwork, morphed like Fifield they attack us. And are really hard to kill, we already have limited firepower and only managed to reload with weapons the previous team left behind but most rounds were spent. By the way, the chestburster we removed from the Marine is in a portable cryotube we are carrying.

We don’t find Walter so we head back to the dropship but he is acting suspiciously. We are down to 3 guys now, so we confront Marine Walter and we have seen the Ovomorph. So we have to battle Marine Walter and destroy the Ovomorph. After we manage to kill Marine Walter we accidentally blow up the dropship while trying to destroy the Ovomorph (I know I know). Now we are down to 2 Marines plus one injured and Covenant Walter.

Walter says he will try to fly an Engineer ship to get us off the planet, then the Mother Ship/Scorpion ship suddenly lifts up and hovers over the plaza. Several Juggernauts come barreling into the planet atmosphere, we decide the safest way to proceed is to hide in an Engineer ship because we are low on ammo and too vulnerable.

Then we switch to the Engineer’s POV. Which is kinda cool cause you’re taller so everything looks a little different and the corpses of the Marines look small.

The Engineers find David’s lab, piece together what happened and find the Coordinate from a colonial marines knapsack left in the city for Origae-6. Obviously, they get angry and send out a signal to all the Galaxy and universe to meet at Origae-6. War of the worlds. Game ends. Que next movie.

All I know is I want this dream again…



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