Weyland Industries: Links Around The Community 4/11/18

Thanks for the shout out Dave, congratulations on winning that card set! I look forward to seeing photos. Just make sure you follow Xenomorphing 👇 for regular updates in Alien news & fandom. 🤖


Greetings humans! A lot has changed since the last post in September. That just means more goodness to share. No matter what your niche is in the fandom, there is a home from you. Alien Day in two weeks! But enough of that, let’s see what has come across the desk here at Weyland Corporation lately. Hold on, I think I’m getting some interference…

First off, a big welcome face hug to avpcentral.com, the biggest Alien fan in Estonia! Be sure to check it out!

AvP Galaxy just posted a series of YouTube videos as they play through one of my favorite Alien games: Aliens vs Predator 2010. Cool stuff!

The wonderful and hard-working Clara Fei-Fei has moved her site, be sure to bookmark the new Yutani Blog. She has some exciting giveaways set for Alien Day as well. If you haven’t already, join the accompanying Facebook group: 

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