The Book of Job and Elizabeth Shaw

At the beginning of the book of Job, Job is described as being a good person who is pure of heart and soul. Someone “who revered God and turned away from evil” (Job 1:1), and because of this they have been rewarded in life by God.

Elizabeth on her quest for answers and still keeping her faith she is awarded an opportunity to explore LV 223 at the behest of Weyland Industries, her mission was called Genesis. Genesis in the Bible was the story of creation.


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When the angels present themselves to God, Satan comes as well. God informs Satan about Job’s blameless, morally upright character.

So between Job 1:9–10 and 2:4–5, Satan tries to make a point that God has given Job everything he could want, of course, he is loyal and obedient, so why doesn’t God test Job’s faith in him by removing his blessings, so God allows Satan to test Job.

Similarly, Weyland from his cryostasis chamber instructs David to test the Black Ooze to find out what properties it may have, David, decides to test on Holloway after asking him “What would you do, to get your answers, that you have come all this way for?”


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But it’s not Holloway’s faith that was tested, it was Elizabeth’s. She loses her love, she becomes pregnant with the trilobite. David the Devil takes her cross away which is symbolic of her faith, then tells her about the pregnancy and refuses to treat her.


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Finally delivering his line “Must feel like your God abandoned you” and then reminds her of how her father died, Elizabeth’s faith had always been tested.


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After removing the trilobite, overcoming all the obstacles such as her medical condition(alien impregnation), her belief in a benevolent God challenged (in the form of the Last Engineer), her belief in humanity (Janek, Ravel and Chance sacrifice symbolically of Jesus and the two thieves dying on the cross for humanity’s sins), she feels like she can’t go on until David offers to take her to Paradise (her father mentions Paradise as heaven in the dream sequence).


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Elizabeth – “Where is my cross?”
David – “Even after all this, you still believe, don’t you?”

In the end, Job remains faithful and righteous, and there is the implication that Satan is shamed in his defeat.