Flora: Bud

Bud drawing by Dane Hallett

I actually struggled to identify this until I asked for help from Dane Hallett, after he told me what it was it seemed so obvious. But I was able to identify what sort of rotting it was suffering from. Thanks, Dane, I really appreciate you checking my work.

This one is a rotting pineapple I drew for David to have on his desk so that Michael Fassbender had something to โ€˜finishโ€™ while was talking to Walter. Itโ€™s actually a real drawing (as opposed to a reprint) because it was a last minute edition. I drew it in the morning and whacked it down on the bench for a shoot that afternoon.

Dane Hallett

Given Planet 4 has heavy rains for days, weeks months, the root rot makes sense. It affects the maturity of the pineapple and causes it to be small. The more I uncover the more I love the level of detail.

Phytophthora root-rot

Damage symptoms

  • The symptoms above ground are similar to those caused by nematodes, mealy bug wilt and low levels of soil oxygen and are not diagnostic. Leaves change in colour from a healthy green through various shades of red and yellow.
  • Leaf tips and margins eventually become necrotic, the root system is dead and plants can easily be pulled from the ground.
  • Fruits from infected plants colour prematurely become small and unmarketable. If symptoms are recognized early and control measures are taken plants can recover. If roots are killed right back to the stem, they often fail to regenerate

Survival and spread

  • Losses can be severe in poorly drained fields. Plants on even relatively well-drained soils can be affected during prolonged wet weather.
  • Losses from root rot can be serious in high rainfall areas where prolonged rains extend into the winter months.
  • The disease can eliminate the ratoon crop.
  • Rough leaf varieties and some low acid hybrids are more susceptible than Smooth Cayenne.