ALIEN: Offworld Colony Simulator

Today Fox announced ANOTHER Alien game to be launched 11:59 PM ET on April 25th. It’s an interactive survival horror called  – the ALIEN: Offworld Colony Simulator – and is exclusively available on Amazon Alexa devices and

The first-of-its-kind simulation immerses you and up to 2 additional players in a Weyland-Yutani Space Colony in security lockdown.

Weyland-Yutani is inviting civilians to participate in an open Beta test of “The Offworld Colony Simulator” – an advanced system that simulates security breach scenarios in non-terrestrial colonies. Those that participate in the Open Beta will help teach the system’s AI to accurately simulate human behavior in the face of otherworldly dangers.

The game can be played on the following devices

Weyland-Yutani Career Placement Test

You can get a head start with a multi-question aptitude test to determine if you got what it takes for a role at the interplanetary Weyland-Yutani organization.

More info about it here 🔗


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