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For my Alien Day post, I will feature peoples love of Alien, whether it is the humans, the robots, the aliens, the scifi aspects, the costumes. anything. just reblog this with why you love alien and I will post it to Yutani.Blog on Alien Day.

darkmother said: I love the subtle horror, the quiet moments that scare you more than the big boo! The alien is one of the most amazing pieces of art I have ever seen, and the sets of every movie are each so detailed and beautiful. I also love that alien day is on my birthday! ❤
gothic-fiction-in-space said: I like the idea that the Xenomorph embodies: this strong, dangerous, not explicable horror and ambiguous entity (we can’t know for sure how intelligent and “evil” it is for real) that could erase humanity if reaches Earth but that humans try to obtain at all costs the same. This idea of this uncontrollable weapon that the Company wants and that was ironically built to counter humanity in the first place, to substitute humans. So humans are so captivated by things meant to destroy them? In this great picture it’s interesting to me how the Xenomorph seems the distorted, animalistic version (an inversion) of the man, something opposite to the man, something absolutely inhuman (that human skull hidden behind his eyeless head is suggestive) but at the same time, it reflects the worst characteristics of humans. I have to thank Alien: Covenant for showing me the more meaningful sides of the Xenomorph. The relationship of creator and creation that there is between David and the Xenomorph is very suggestive to me (the walking talking marble statue that’s the best creation of man thinks that the very best creation is the vicious, distorted and violent figure of the Xenomorph). To me, David (that’s the best movie villain in years, in my opinion) managed to bring out (with still some mystery and that sense of inexplicable horror) all the Xenomorph’s allegories in a very fascinating way. The allegories and symbolism the Xenomorph already had in the old movies. David makes the Xenomorph more demonic and less an animal. In the old Alien movies I liked whenever the Xenomorph looked more demonic, and this happened in several moments.

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