Prometheus: Engineers [Fan Edit] by Michael Joseph Kenwell


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Alien: 6-Film Collection (Alien / Aliens / Alien 3 / Alien Resurrection / Prometheus / Alien: Covenant)

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To celebrate ALIEN Day, I present to you my own fan-edit of the first ALIEN Prequel: ‘Prometheus: Engineers’

Edit Change Log

-Extended Prologue (Engineer Elders)

-Peter Weyland’s 2023 TED Address (Extended Dialogue)

-Weyland’s ‘Quiet Eye’ Message from Shaw (On Mars)

-Millburn’s ‘Alien’

-Millburn & Fifield find ‘Skin’

-Shaw & Holloway Quarters Dialogue (alternate version)

-Millburn & Fifield vs Hammerpede (alternate version)

-Janek & Vickers have a drink/talk

-Fifield Attacks (Alternate Xeno-Fifield)

-Janek & Shaw discuss LV-223 (extended dialogue)

-The Engineer has dialogue in several scenes.

-The Lifeboat Showdown (Shaw vs The Engineer Ax Fight)

-Alternate Shaw/David dialogues in the last sequences.

-‘The Crossing’ added an extended epilogue.

-A few added music cues in a few spots & small edits with extended dialogue throughout.

-Special Thanks to Job Willins, Christopher Issac Bustos, and many other fan editors who have put in the effort with previous fan edits for inspiration to try my hand at one myself.

Part 1

Part 2