Undergoing construction

Hello blog subscribers,

My apologies for all the spam you must be getting currently. We are currently moving things around and trying to get our page organised for you.

You can change your notifications to a weekly digest so you don’t end up with a load of emails on the Notifications Settings page.

We have also just added a few new people to our team recently, their details will be updated on our about page soon.

Currently @officerjoek9 and I are transferring David’s Illustrations from the tumblr blog onto our WordPress blog, we will try to keep future posts and updates to 1 per week.

Thank you for your understanding.

One thought on “Undergoing construction

  1. No worries at all – totally understand and have had to go through same ordeal when updating. Besides what’s a few stray emails and such in trade for awesome new content! Lol Lady Anne ^^ö^^

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