Manumala noxhydria

The Face-hugger, Manumala noxhydria


Manu = hand, in Latin | Mala = Bad or jawbone, from malum = evil or wrongdoing

Nox = night, in Latin. NOx is also short for Nitric Oxide, an important gaseous signalling molecule and a bi-product in almost all organisms. | Hydria = A type of Greek/Roman water jug with two handles on the side OR the Hydra of Greek mythology, a creature with eight heads that, when one is cut off, two grow in its place OR level of fluid in the body (medical terminology).

Manumala = Evil Hand
Noxhydria = Jar of Night

Kingdom – Animalia

Also called Metazoa, this kingdom does not include prokaryotes (bacteria) or protists (unicelluar eukaryotic organisms). All animals are multi-celluar and gain nourishment from other organisms.

Phylum – Arthropoda
– Invertebrate
– Jointed appendages
– Segmented Body
– External Skeleton

Arthropod features.jpg
Features and examples of Arthropoda (From A.D.A.M. Images)

Subphylum – Chelicerata
– Horseshoe crabs
– Sea spiders
– Arachnids

Highlights characteristics of Chelicerata, the chelicerae, which are the only mouth-parts before the mouth (From a blog on Invertabrates)


Class – Arachnida
Eight legs
Bilateral symmetry

From the Kunstformen der Natur, by Ernst Haeckel


Clade – Arachnomorpha
– Spider-shaped

A wolf spider, depicting a common spider-shaped organism (from Bugs in the News)


Order – Thelyphonida
– Whip-like flagellum
– Acidic

Thelyphonus doriae, or the whip scorpion (from WikiVisually and


Family – Tabellariae

Genus – Manumala
“Evil hand”

Facehugger impregnation
An early drawing of a Manumala noxhydria being used for its intended purpose (taken from Pinterest)

Species (Specific epithet) – Noxhydria
Jar of night



Subphylum Chelicerata behavior

Wolf Spiders in Texas

Nitric Oxide

Roszer, T (2012) The Biology of Subcellular Nitric Oxide. ISBN 978-94-007-2818-9


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