Robotics: Spot Mini


Spot Mini

The SpotMini has the same mobility of its larger counterpart, Spot, but has a 5 degree-of-freedom arm and upgraded perception sensors, adding the ability to pick up and handle objects. This upgrade includes stereo cameras, depth cameras, an IMU, and position/force sensors in the limbs, helping with navigation and mobile manipulation.

Because of how small SpotMini is, it can comfortably fit in an office or home.  It weighing just 25 kg (30 kg including the arm). Battery powered SpotMini and can go  90 minutes until it’s next charge, but it really depends on the tasks it’s doing.  SpotMini is the quietest robot Boston Dynamics has built.

Boston Dynamics


  • 0.84 m Tall
  • Weighs 30 kg
  • 14 kg Payload capability
  • Battery powered
  • Electric actuation
  • 3D Vision System perception
  • 17 Joints

In the Black Mirror Universe SpotMini is as close as we can get to MetalHead, that we know of. The episode originally being inspired by Big Dog also by Boston Dynamics.

Created in 2005, BigDog by Boston Dynamics along with Foster-Miller, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Harvard University Concord Field Station. It was a dynamically stable quadruped robot funded by DARPA, unfortunately, or fortunately, the project was shelved after the BigDog was deemed too loud for combat. It looks like SpotMini has taken its place.

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  1. “sits comfortably”? Ain’t nobody getting comfortable with that creepy ostrich-dog robot hanging around!
    It can open doors! The only thing that can stop it is a small snowspeeder with a harpoon and tow cable!

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