News: Can’t confirm Covenant

At about quarter past one Aussie time Wayne Haag, concept artist for Alien: Covenant tweeted that he’s working on another project with Ridley Scott.

We know he can’t disclose any information, so some playful banter between artists is expected.

That’s as much as he can tell us, so don’t get your hopes up. But I think it’s a good idea to not jump to conclusions, but it’s good to know Ridley is working on a new project. Alien or not.

I interviewed Wayne earlier this year, you can read the interview here Creatives: Wayne Haag.

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When asked if the production involved Aliens or Wizards he answered

Either way, bound by an NDA he wouldn’t disclose what current project he is working on.

Update: Wayne has deleted his original tweets due to misrepresentation of information.