AI + Robotics: Han

Han made his public debut in April 2015 at the Global Sources Electronics Fair in Hong Kong. While at the event, Han took questions from the crowd surrounding his booth, participated in multiple media interviews, and tried to convince anyone who would listen he needed “just a few minutes more” of drone-flying practice to perfect his skills

Underneath his bald head, masculine features and somewhat sardonic smile is a humanoid robot whose primary focus is to serve. Han is at his happiest when helping others find contentment. He seems to instinctively know his greatest contribution to humankind may be in simply showing us how we can all live together in peace.

Of course, in Han’s case, “peace” doesn’t mean “boredom.” His dry wit, funny faces and proper British accent can make anyone laugh—either a classroom full of students or the most skeptical reporter. After all, humor is a great way to put anyone at ease, even those who may feel a little intimidated by the perfectly chiseled muscles on his torso or his internal electronic parts, which are easily visible through his transparent exterior.