USCSS Covenant Decends Upon Paradise and Satan Descends Upon Earth


The Covenant enters Planet 4’s atmosphere and Satan descends upon Earth; Plate 12 by Gustave Doré, from Paradise Lost  by John Milton 1866

This plate depicts Satan’s fall from grace as he is banished from Heaven, his entrance to Earth corrupts all mankind.

The fate of the Covenant crew and the colonists is foreshadowed by the aesthetic placement of the ship above Planet 4. When the ground crew discovers David’s second Eden, it isn’t corruption brought forth by their presence, no, but David’s pathogen which brings forth an evil corruption from within. Their bodies play unwitting hosts to the motes carrying the pathogen bringing forth demons in the form of the back burster, mouth burster and the chest burster.

These motes/spores are also from Dan O’Bannon’s original Alien first draft, which was also re-visited in one of the early scripts for Alien 3 by William Gibson.