The Engineers, David & Janus

Statue representing Janus Bifrons in the Vatican Museums By Loudon Dodd


Mutated Engineer Head & Janus

Janus is known as the two-faced god, and usually depicted having two faces or heads, he presides over beginnings, endings, and passages. The month named after him, January is also where each Prequel has ended so far. Known as a god of transitions, having functions relating to birth, journeys and exchange. And is also associated with Portunus, a similar harbour and gateway god, related to travelling, trading and shipping.

King of Sacred Rites

Janus had no specialised priest assigned to him, but the King of the Sacred Rites himself carried out his ceremonies.

The King of the Sacred Rites (rex sacrorum) wore a toga, the un-decorated soft “shoe-boot”, and carried a ceremonial axe; as a priest of an archaic Roman religion, he sacrificed capite velato, with the head covered.


These priests held much in common with the blasphemers of the 8th circle of Hell, forced to wear hooded capes, hiding their true selves beneath a false depiction of piety and honesty. David, the Engineers and the Humans all wear hooded garments, all of them hiding their agendas and motivations. No one is without sin, at least in David’s Hell.


Elizabeth Shaw wields an axe when fighting the Last Engineer and Daniels uses an axe when battling the Xenomorph on the Cargo Lander. There’s something about this primitive weapon carried forward into the future and across the galaxy, it’s a timeless piece of technology and one of the first tools used by ancient man and has ties to creation mythology.

Creator and Creators

David in Alien: Covenant has become the two-faced god/creator, having travelled to LV223, then Planet 4, and now on to Origae-6. All while carrying cargo, whether it be Weyland, Shaw and the black liquid, or 2000 colonists and 2 Facehuggers.

Previously the Engineers presided over beginnings and ends, travelling from planet to planet with their juggernauts, wiping planets clean of life when they felt their experiments were a disappointment. With David being disappointed with his creator’s creators, he decided to wipe their world clean as a gift to Elizabeth. To start anew.

Contemporary art via.

Calco a Tasselli di “Urlo”