Support System: Aliens by David Gogel

Here’s another Supporting Characters blog update from Xenomorphing


I hope everyone enjoyed the look into Alien and our favorite crew of Space Truckers. Now it’s time to move on to one of the best movie sequels in movie history. After changing the game with Alien, the odds of a sequel doing the same were probably unthinkable. James Cameron pulled it off. Not only did he hit a home run, he flipped the bat, admired it, and took a slow jog around the bases.

One of the reasons ALIENS was so memorable? The Colonial Marines. Fans are STILL clamoring for the return, and who could blame them? Countless classic moments, infamous banter, and hilarious one liners. Aliens holds a special place in my heart, as without a random viewing of it on television I’m not the fan I am today.

As a kid, I’d dream of being a Colonial Marine fighting off Xenomorphs. It has not happened yet, but…

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  1. Some of my favorite lines;

    Burke- Your’re dillusional…I’m mean look at yourself, it’s pathetic…-

    Bishop- Watch your’re fingers, – (when he gets sealed up in the conduit. The focus of that scene throws a curve ball before rolling down a pipe, he has the awareness to look out for the others in a real intense scary situation.

    Hudson- Hey man, that wasn’t funny man….

    Favorite alien kill- the run-over from the assault vehicle…. crunch.

    Scariest scene?- That damn queen coming up the elevator, and then to make it worse, the fog and slowly emerging from it..


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