Interview: Odd Studio Adam Johansen and Damien Martin – Yutani and Perfect Organism

JM and @muthur9000 have joined forces to interview ODD STUDIO founders Adam Johansen and Damian Martin about their work and their involvement with Alien: Covenant to give us a behind the scenes glimpse of what it is like during preproduction and the process of creating practical effects.


In this special collaborative interview with Yutani Podcast, JM and Clara talk to Adam Johansen and Damian Martin of the prolific effects house Odd Studio. Odd Studio (along with Creatures Inc) provided many of the astonishing makeup, creature, and prosthetic effects in Alien: Covenant.

In this far-ranging interview, Adam and Damian give us a glimpse into the innermost workings of the Covenant production and answer some of fandom’s burning questions along the way. You won’t want to miss it!

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  • The talented crew of Odd Studio and Creatures Inc
  • Javier Bardem’s transformation
  • Geoffrey Rush’s transformation
  • On location at Milford Sound
  • The first practical scene to be shot at Milford sound was Hallet’s Mouthburster scene


  • Ledward’s Backburtster scene was inspired by the birth of a baby elephant.


  • The Neomorph puppet
  • Neomorph costume in the making
  • Goran d Kleut in the Neomorph suit
  • Xenomorph Hero Puppet rig on Andrew Crawford
  • Xenomorph/Neomorph hybrid
  • Neomorph cross section
  • Backburster test

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  • Elizabeth Shaw’s body during the filming of ADVENT
  • Rehearsing with the Chestburster puppet

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  • Creep test of Facehugger
  • They made a Facehugger cannon to shoot out the Facehugger at the stunt double.

  • David’s Laboratory in Alien: Covenant

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If you want to keep up to date with Odd Studio’s work you can follow them on their WebsiteTwitter, Instagram and Facebook.