Character Analysis: Zhora

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Miss Salomé and the snake. (@joannacassidyofficial and Darling, her pet snake on the set of Blade Runner.) Read something very interesting about the never-seen performance of Zhora onstage, in which she "takes pleasure from the serpent that once corrupted men." 'We can imagine with enough margin of success what would have been the mythical Dance of Zhora: A very light odalisque of clothes, or even completely naked, that in a "desert" scenario transgresses the limits of a traditional dance using a snake as something more than a colorful complement, going from sensuality to eroticism, from suggestion to obviousness, from art to provocation, and from worship … to heresy.' That's to say the least. Zhora's performance, for as little as we know, speaks for itself. She mocked humanity, its cultures and symbols, (Egyptian style and music, the snake representing humanity's corruption) combining them with strong, explicit sexual elements, making it beautiful in her own, provocative, non-human way. A strong picture of the capability of a Replicant to create, perhaps more beautifully than humans could. The loss of this scene could be the greatest mistake of the movie, even the only one that matters. It would have elevated the movie even further, not only visually but in terms of symbolism, and diversity as well, adding more depth to an underrated character, and a whole species of lab grown slaves. #JoannaCassidy #Zhora #BladeRunner #RidleyScott

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