Perfect Organism goes to Supanova

When I heard Dane Hallett and Matt Hatton were going to be doing a panel at Supanova Comicon in Sydney, I decided I had to go. I flew to Sydney on Friday and because I had time I stopped by Odd Studio, which I will cover on a later post and podcast with Perfect Organism.

So Saturday morning I caught the train to The Dome at Olympic Park, already at 9am there is quite a queue and those with photo ops at 10:15am were lucky enough to be bumped to the front, entirely missing the long wait in the cold windy morning.

Those with Super passes and media passes could walk straight in pretty much, there wasn’t much of a queue. But even when waiting in the general admission or prepaid tickets line, there wasn’t much of a wait. There was adequate staffing and the scanning technology worked a treat.

Here’s the live stream I did for Perfect Organism Podcast:

Here’s a couple of photos I took while at the convention:

A cool Xenomorph Cosplay

Concept artists Dane Hallet and Matt Hatton with Grant from Cast From Dungeon FX who all worked on Alien: Covenant.

You can read my interview with Grant here: Creatives: Grant, Cast From Dungeon FX

Spotted an Aliens Warrior 1:1 Scale Head Bust at the Popculcha stand

You can order one here from their online store.

Spotted a Predator as well


You can order one here from their online store.

Someone was playing funny buggers by posing Ripley and the Warrior.

You can order one here from their online store.

You can order one here from their online store. Or both in a bundle.

Dane and Matt’s panel was quite interesting…

For those who missed the panel, you can read my interview with Matt and Dane about their book here: Creatives: Dane Hallett & Matt Hatton – Episode 9 – Yutani Podcast Alien Day Special.

Here we have Brad with one of the best cosplays Matt Hatton has ever seen of this

Here’s a close up of that Chestburster detail, he even has blood on his face! Fantastic.

I manage to see an Ironman Hulk Buster at each convention!

Heroes and More can be contacted here

I got to Elf myself at the Bethesda stand, I believe they are currently promoting the new mobile game for Elder Scrolls. Summerset.

I finally had a photo of me on the Occupation War truck with a turret.

I spoke to one of the producers Carmel and since the first film was such a success the sequel is currently in production. You can watch my interview with her at Melbourne Comicon (skip to 15:58)

Here’s a really cool Robocop Cosplay

And here’s my convention haul from Megan Allison Design!

I was very lucky to hang out with Dane and Matt all afternoon talking Alien, movies and browsing toys and collectables. We ended the night with Korean Fried Chicken and Beer.

It was really an amazing experience which I will never forget, thanks to Sydney Supanova!