Path to Paradise [Fan Edit] by Michael Joseph Kenwell


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Path to Paradise [Fan Edit]

Edit Log:

-Addition of Extended Prologue of David’s ‘Birth’ with an explanation of Das Rheingold. A small trim of the transition to titles is present.

-‘The Last Supper’ Viral Short film.

-Addition of several Crew Messages as a transition scene.

-Oram & Dani discuss Jacob in a cutscene after Oram’s briefing.

-Extended scene with Daniels’ Quarters featuring a flashback with Jacob Branson in their apartment discussing the cabin on the lake with her and a short conversation with Walter after the flashback.

-Extended Funeral dialogue with Walter talking to Dani before the funeral.

-Inserted ‘Crossing the Plaza’ deleted scene.

-‘Walter discusses David’ deleted scene restored.

-Unbroken recitation of Ozymandias & a portion of ‘The Crossing’ seen as a flashback at Elizabeth’s grave. The Bombing is moved to a later scene.

-The Neomorph’s approach is trimmed to a shorter clip to heighten the suspense of it’s later appearance inside the cathedral.

-‘Rosenthal’s Prayer’ was added.

-‘Walter Reports Back’ is added.

-The Engineer Bombing is inserted after David assaults Walter in his lab. I also used music track ‘Decay’ as an alternate theme to the bombing.

-Trimmed out the Cargo Lander fight, I decided to show ‘Oram’s Son’ as the sole Xenomorph in the last act. The scene is edited with the Xeno clandestinely attaching itself to the lander and then transitions to the crew making their escape unaware of it’s presence.

-Inserted ‘AUDI Lander’ commercial footage of the terraforming bay and the wheeled drone detecting the Xeno as well as making a visual on it hiding in the terraforming bay while MU/THUR was inactive.

-Inserted a trailer scene of the Xenomorph charging down a hallway with alarm blaring, after MU/THUR reactivates, intercut with the report of the detected Xenomorph from the AUDI lander. This edit attributes Lope’s death to Oram’s Son, who attacks the sedated Lope in Med Bay, as it’s first victim aboard the Covenant.

-Inserted John Denver’s ‘Country Roads’ as part of the credit roll music, removed some of Kurzel’s original credits music to fit it in.

-‘Advent’ is inserted as an after credits sequence after the full credit roll. It is shuffled slightly to end with David declaring Dani will be ‘his queen’ at the ending.

*Added music for reworked version*

Enhanced Music from the ‘For Your Consideration’ OST in a few scenes. Special thanks to Frans Hattingh for the music references 😎👍

– The David Prologue Title Transition has a small portion of ‘The Covenant (Extended)’
– The Apartment Flashback has ‘Cabin on the Lake (Extended)’
– The Terraforming Bay Showdown has ‘Terraforming Bay (Extended)’