Alien Fan Film Competition

Winners announced Tongal announces pitch qualifiers for ALIEN Project.

** Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) **

1. I am not a U.S. resident. Am I still eligible to participate in this project? 

If you’re on a production team, the director, producer, or production company submitting and receiving the award on your team's behalf must be a U.S. resident or U.S.-based legal entity. They must also physically reside in the U.S. when submitting your team’s entry as our submission form is geo-gated. If other members of your team are from outside the U.S., then your team is still eligible to participate!

2. Can we film outside the U.S.? 

Yes, your crew may film outside the U.S., but make sure to comply with the local tax and production laws of the country you are filming and “doing business” in.

3. Can I include story elements and references to the entire Alien media franchise or should I stick to the original movie? 

This project is limited to the original film Alien.

4. I’m a writer without any production experience. Can I still submit?  

As a writer, you are more than welcome to partner with a production team to bring your vision to life. To be eligible for the Pitch Qualification Phase, you must have your above-the-line crew in order. You can source crew members through our Crew Finder forum here , or elsewhere.

5. What roles in the above the line crew do I need to identify for the Pitch Qualification Phase? 

You will need to identify your producer, director, writer, and DP.

6. How detailed does my script need to be for the Pitch Qualification Phase? 

For the Pitch Qualification Phase, we are looking for (at minimum) a one-page script outline of your story beats.

7. Will we have access to props and assets from the actual film? 

The project team is still working with the Sponsor to decide whether we can provide access to digital assets and props. We should know for certain by the Pitch Phase. Please plan your concepts accordingly.

8. Is the project union or non-union? 

This project is non-union.


20th Century Fox is inviting the creative US filmmakers to create a five to nine-minute Short film that’s set within the Alien universe to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original film.

The story is to be set in the aftermath of the original film, the outline of the requirements asking for an original story with new characters but contain all the things that made the original Alien so groundbreaking.

Asking you to consider these qualities before creating your pitch:

  • Slow, atmospheric buildups that isolated the viewer in the emptiness of space, anxiously waiting for something to jump from the darkness. In the school of Hitchcockian suspense, what isn’t seen is even scarier than what is!
  • The first true badass female protagonist in science fiction and horror. In defiance of orders, this powerful woman summoned immense strength and grit to face down the most primal of fears.
  • “Space truckers” – everyday working men and women waiting to talk about their bonus situations and tying the film to its realism and relatability.

And drawing inspiration from Alien movie trailers

Unfortunately, there’s a catch for overseas filmmakers not based in the US.

The Promotion is open to United States residents and is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the “Official Rules” located within the Assets tab of this Project. The Official Rules supersede and replace the “Official Rules” found on the Tongal website.

What they want your story to contain is a science fiction and/or horror theme;
be different from the original film but still be suspenseful, visceral, claustrophobic and intense; keeping the narrative centred around the original story; but also introduce original character(s) based on the underdog archetype and making sure the characters are relatable; and including the Alien in some form whether it be the ovomorph, face hugger, chestburster and or Xenomorph; with the pitch required to be five to nine minutes in length and be for an audience 17 and up.

The only thing is you can’t use the name or likeness of any actors or use the characters from the Alien films; use of Alien film footage, music or any third party controlled material is also prohibited.

But you can still reference these characters that have been in an Alien film in dialogue (For example “Walter wouldn’t have that ability…”).

You can submit up to 5 pitches per Tongal account and is also open to animation pitches as well.

JM and Patrick have made a short video about the announcement and share some theories about why 20th Century Fox have decided to do this.

For more details about this exciting development you can head over to AVP Galaxy or to see more terms and conditions of this competition go to Tongal. Make sure you hurry as the window of opportunity will be closed on the 4th of July.

If you miss out on this competition but still want a chance to make a film on Tongal you can check out this NASA and Houston Cinema Arts Society 2018 CineSpace Short Film Competition.