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I arrived at the Marrickville train station and looked at my phone, I had just arrived in Sydney that morning and Odd Studio wasn’t far away. I just had to walk up a hill and down some stairs and then I was at their front door. Black and unassuming it is outlined in bright green with a number 25 on the front, off to the side a tiny doorbell labelled ODD STUDIO.

Left to Right: Adam Johansen, @muthur9000 and Damian Martin.

Upon pressing the button I was greeted with a friendly smile from one of the team. I walked down the stairs to be greeted by Adam, he and the crew are currently working on a movie. So I only took photos of the things related to Alien: Covenant. I asked them a couple of questions about the movie and about the practical effects, they even have a full-sized desiccated engineer which I forgot to photograph. They were really lovely and let me poke around their workshop for an hour.

They had the sculpt of the Neomorph bust which was created recently for Cool Props, I could see the fine detail of the veins under the skin and the textured surface which I personally feel was better suited to the Neomorph than one lacking the detail in computer graphics.

Adam let me hold the Ovomorph’s, the large full-scale one was surprisingly felt lighter than the smaller one I held. I really like the colour and detail on the props, having a look at them in person was really a great opportunity. While looking around we talked about the Xenomorph suit which Andrew Crawford, Australian Ballet Dancer had worn for the movie and Neomorph suit worn by Goran D Kleut. I managed to get a photo of the clay sculpt which shows sagged skin and amazing line details. We also spoke about the unseen Xenomorph and Neomorph battle which didn’t make it to the film, and how epic it was to watch Andrew run full pelt down the ramp in his Xenomorph outfit.

Adam let me hold the silicone dummy of Chestburster which I cradled like a baby, he described how they were instructed to have the puppet imitate arm gestures made by Michael Fassbender. I am still unsure about the scene but since doing more research into Paradise Lost and the artistic portrayals of Satan, it’s starting to grow on me. And I also managed to convince Adam to let me hold the baby Neomorph, it’s neck was a bit broken so I had to cradle it. To my surprise he let me give it a little kiss.

Considering their work was many years ago and some of the sculpts did not survive the constantly changing climate in the studio, I still felt awed being in their presence. They were so generous with their time, very patient with my fangirling and even kindly gave me a crew shirt to show their appreciation for coming by.

They don’t currently offer tours of their studio, I just contacted them and asked since I was going to be in town for Supanova. You can follow them to see more of their work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their Website.

You can hear Perfect Organism’s interview with me about my trip here https://www.perfectorganism.com/patreon

Ovomorphs by Odd Studio and Creatures Inc for Alien: Covenant

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