The Creatives Series: Beginning

I started this interview series originally as a way to find out more about the artists who created the work in a movie that challenged me on so many levels, I loved it and I hated it and it filled me with anger but also awe. So here’s the story of my journey and how the Creatives series came to be. This is the incept date where my mission began:

I too shared the sentiment that all of these creations deserve to be documented with the correct credit and give the artists recognition they deserve. I had just interviewed Scott Middlebrook or Alien Universe Timeline and I decided I enjoyed finding out more about why fans also creatively contributed to the Alien Universe, so alongside my Creatives series I also wanted to do a Fan Creatives series. It was also in response to the toxic negativity of those within the fandom, I wanted to shed a light on people contributing in a positive way through the creation and contribution.



Creatives Series

  1. Creatives: Scott Middlebrook
  2. Creatives: Dominic Hailstone
  3. Fan Creatives: Mr H Reviews – Episode 3 – Yutani Podcast
  4. Creatives: Wayne Haag
  5. Fan Creatives: Alien Theory – Episode 6 – Yutani Podcast
  6. Creatives: Ev Shipard
  7. Fan Creatives: Project: Acheron – Episode 5 – Yutani Podcast
  8. Creatives: Dominic Hailstone – Episode 8 – Yutani Podcast
  9. Creatives: Alex White
  10. Creatives: Dane Hallett & Matt Hatton – Episode 9 – Yutani Podcast Alien Day Special
  11. Creatives: Ben Rigby
  12. Creatives: Uli Latukefu
  13. Yutani and Perfect Organism Podcast: Odd Studio
  14. Creatives: Luke Bubb