Brett assigned: Corazon Oscuro.

Corazon Oscuro” translated from Spanish to English means “Dark Heart”

What does this have to do with Alien you may be wondering? Well, Author Joseph Conrad wrote a novel called Heart of Darkness published in 1899.

From The Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad, he describes Heart of Darkness as “a wild story” of a journalist who becomes manager of a station in the African interior and makes himself worshipped by a tribe of savages.[1] The book raises the question of Imperialism and Racism. [2]

Ridley Scott is believed to be a great fan of Joseph Conrad’s work, having created works based on his book The Duel which Ridley made into his feature directorial debut The Duellists. And of course the more commonly known name to us Alien fans, Nostromo of which Conrad produced a novel of in 1904.


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