Neomorph Life-Size Head Prop Replica by CoolProps

When I visited Odd Studio back in June I had the chance to have a look at the Neomorph bust they produced for CoolProps.

Exclusive photo by @muthur9000 Neomorph Bust at Odd Studio, Sydney

You can see a noticeable difference in the paint job, the vein detail under the skin is made larger in some parts and the colouring looks more grey than greenish-blue. But that could be the lighting.

You can buy this prop replica here: Neomorph Life-Size Head Prop Replica by CoolProps

You can also see with the animatronic there is more of a glazed sheen to the prop and the veins have more of a 3d quality.

Exclusive photo by @muthur9000 Neomorph Animatronic Prop at Odd Studio, Sydney

Perhaps they were going off the paint job from the concept art, it resembles this piece quite closely.

Neomorph by Colin Shulver

You can choose a payment plan after the initial non-refundable deposit of $166.28, which enables you to pay in 8 instalments of $186.90 AUD a month. That is about $6 a day from now till next Alien day, I better start saving now.

The Neomorph is based on the original designs by Carlos Huante.

Special thanks to Odd Studio for opening its doors to me and allowing me to take photos of their work. You can read about my visit hereΒ and listen to my podcast interview with Perfect Organism Podcast here.