Battleship Potemkin and Alien: Covenant



The “Odessa Steps” scene is a Stock Parody of the climactic scene from The Battleship Potemkin. A shoot-out happens on a set of steps, with the actions either slowed down or taking far longer than they really should. Optional: Oncoming soldiers, a shot through the eyeglasses, and a Baby Carriage rolling downhill. Though many people remember the famous scene in the train station of The Untouchables, they may not be familiar with the fact that this itself was a complete reference to a grander version set on the steps at Odessa in Battleship Potemkin. And because it is one of the most memorable things to come out of that film, a lot of fiction now has action sequences on a staircase in slow motion. The original scene was one of the first uses of montage.

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