Welcome to the Weyland Century.

This is not simply a ‘fan fiction’. This is a collection of entries, logs, coms, journals, articles and reports that expand and fit into the established story. Make no mistake. The Weyland Diaries will materialize the very pillar Prometheus was built on… and what makes it collapse.

Weyland, and his quest for immortality.

Brought to you by @muthur9000 and @uscss-prometheus, this fictional writing project aims to delve deeper into the known universe of Prometheus to bring you further into the events prior to the expedition. With the Project Prometheus / Weyland Industries timeline and info as guidelines, the opportunity and possibilities were abundant.

Elizabeth Shaw, her quest, her life.

Meredith Vickers, her struggles, her duties.

Our beloved David, his early days, his ‘upbringing’. 

And of course, Peter Weyland, the man who saved the world. After curing cancer, reversing global warming and terraforming Mars, a cure for death was probably the most natural step. But where did it begin? Where did this quest lead Weyland before turning to space? The mind of a brilliant man slowly eaten away by fear, envy and then age. From the first to the last breath of a remarkable effort against the laws of nature and time… and those who stand against it. Perhaps is there even room for Eldon Tyrell and Niander Wallace?

If you are patient, passionate and that you loved Prometheus and found beauty or inspiration in its themes and characters, all further entries are for you.

Source: http://weyland-diaries.tumblr.com/post/176834480456/welcome-to-the-weyland-century-this-is-not-simply