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I came across Megzie’s work in artists alley at Supanova Comicon Sydney and I bought a few cute items, and from my background, in Japanese street fashion, I’d say her style is Kawaii Pastel Kei.

She’s going to be streaming her interview live tomorrow morning 25th of August 2018 if you’d like to tune in. Here’s the recording if you missed it:

For those who can’t join in here’s a written interview.

Clara Fei-Fei / @muthur9000 Could you tell me, when did you first discover Alien? 

Megan Allison: My earliest memory of Alien was watching the 1st movie with my mum, around early high-school years. We would watch a range of genre’s together. Another stand out at that period of time to me was the movie Pitch Black with Vin Diesel.

CF: What was your initial reaction to it?
MA: I was probably a bit young when I first watched the film so I considered it scary. But nowadays, I have the biggest smile on my face when the xenomorphs start their killing spree. In my opinion, that’s the best part of the movies.

CF: Who has become one of your favourite characters and why?
MA: I am rooting for the xenomorphs in every film! They’re basically space cats. I am just really drawn to their design and intelligence.

CF: When did you start making Alien themed items?
MA: I started my store in late 2016. My xenomorph pin was actually the 2nd pin I ever produced, and the design has been popular ever since – I have restocked it multiple times in multiple colours, and did an additional Xenomorph enamel pin in “rainbow” coated plating (now sold out). I also hand make die cut holographic weatherproof stickers and use the same design in Alien themed sticker packs. I expanded upon by Alien range in 2017 with the launch of screen printed crew-neck sweaters and t-shirts.

The initial inspiration for the design was genuinely just because I think Xenomorph’s are amazing. I didn’t consider the market, or what other designers were making, I just made a product that I wanted and thought was cool.

CF: How long does it take for you to create a design then make it into a patch, shirt, sticker or a pin?
MA: Once inspiration hits me, creating the design could be a couple of hours to a few days work. The longest part of the process is outsourcing manufacturers, investing in samples and mock-ups until the product is perfect. I aim to launch a new product every month.

CF: Which is the most popular of the designs that you sell? Alien and not alien related?
MA: The xenomorph enamel pin and iron on patches have been my most successful products to date. It was really cool when I did my first ever convention (Sydney Supanova 2018) to see everyone’s faces in person light up when they looked at my products and the Alien themed designs. I don’t think when I initially did the design that it would be as popular as this.

CF: Which would you say is your favourite movie, book, comic or game of Alien?
MA: My favourite film in the series is Alien Resurrection. I really like the Ripley character in that film, and of course, the Xenomorph’s breaking out of their captivity. I recently got Alien Isolation to play on my Twitch live stream, I guess my viewers want to see me get spooked out by the Xenomorph, but I admit I haven’t played much of it.

CF: What do you think of the prequels?
MA: I am excited for every new movie that comes out but unfortunately, the prequels don’t stand out to me. Just as an average viewer, it is nice to learn more about the lore and I am mainly introduced to this by the films. I just get disappointed when the Xenomorphs do not have much screen time.

CF: What do you think about the alien fandom?
MA: It has just recently been made aware to me that there is such a large fandom, and I would love to understand more about what the fan’s so that I can find inspiration to create more merchandise.

CF: What projects are you currently working on? What do you want to work on in the future?
MA: I have been busy the last 2 months doing commissions for Twitch broadcasters, but am going to slow that down and refocus on new product lines for my business moving forward. I plan to continue expanding and revisiting Xenomorph and Alien influences in my art. I have started on a full-colour digital t-shirt design with a rainbow xenomorph print featuring the slogan “Cuddle Me”.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions. If you’d like to follow Megan you can on Instagram, Twitch, and make sure you check out her designs on her online store.

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