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I present to you Alien Covenant: The Evanus Edit.

This edit incorporates the deleted/extended scenes and some of the viral videos into the film, creating an immersive extended cut while keeping the core of the film intact. All deleted scenes have been regraded to match the film’s colour grading, and have been inserted as seamlessly as possible. I also made some other changes, for example giving the engineers dark eyes and restructuring sequences to create a bigger emotional impact.

The edit is presented in a 15GB Full HD 1080p 5.1 surround sound MP4 file.

Here is a list of the biggest changes:

  • Added 3 shots of the “Meet Walter” viral video to the opening titles to show glimpses of David’s birth.
  • Restored the extended prologue scene with David explaining Das Rheingold to Weyland.
  • Included “The Crossing” prologue after the David/Weyland scene, and removed the voiceover from David. I included a portion of the cue Life from Prometheus to further connect the two films together. I also made small visual changes to make David look more like he does in Prometheus. The scene ends when you see David looking down at the engineers, and I removed any shots of the bombing to make it more ambiguous for now. After this is the title sequence.
  • Restored the “Oram and Daniels” deleted scene.
  • Restored the “Daniels bedroom flashback” and “Walter visits Daniels” deleted scenes, and spliced them together.
  • Restored a small extended shot of Walter in the terraforming bay from the trailer.
  • Restored the “Jacob’s Funeral” extended scene.
  • Restored the “Ledward’s Fall” deleted scene.
  • Restored the “Crossing the Plaza” extended scene.
  • Restored the “Daniels thanks Walter” deleted scene. This seems to be an alternate version of the shorter scene in the film where Walter says he’ll talk to David after Daniels approaches him. So I had to cut that conversation to get this scene in.
  • I changed the position of the Engineer bombing scene. Now it appears later, at the beginning of the third act, instead of when David and Walter are at Shaw’s grave.
  • Added two shots of David and Shaw of her reattaching his head when David is thinking about her at her grave.
  • Restored the “Rosenthal Prayer” deleted scene, but I removed the shots of the practical Neomorph because it looks noticeably different from the CGI version.
  • Restored the “Walter Reports Back” deleted scene.
  • Restored the “Stairs to Egg room” deleted scene.
  • The complete engineer bombing scene now plays after Walter asks David if he bombed the Engineers.
  • During the David/Walter fight, I removed the shot of David reaching for the knife to add more suspense.
  • Restored a shot from the shower scene that was in the trailer.
  • Removed the pop song from the shower scene. Now the monitor in the shower turns black, implying that David deliberately disabled the alarm system in the crew quarters, allowing the Xenomorph to kill Ricks and Upworth.
  • Restored a small extended shot of the Xenomorph’s head from the trailer.
  • Included the “Advent” viral video as a sort of after credits scene.


Here is the MEGA link to the edit:!6fgEzARC!_ChL2QLoo4IeuY8I1LHn1cf__TwzyuvWDR086i_M9Xg

I hope you enjoy.


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