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Today I am interviewing Violin Dragoness who really loved Alien: Isolation so much she’s writing two songs about it. Let’s get to know her relationship with Alien and what it means to her.

Clara Fei-Fei: What was the first Alien movie you watched? How old were you at the time?

rushing-to-slay-that-darn-dragon: The first Alien movie I ever watched was the original one. It wasn’t even too long ago; I was 17 at the time. My Dad rented it around the time Covenant was releasing and suggested watching most of the movies, including Prometheus, since we are both have the same taste in science fiction.

CF: Which is your favourite Alien movie and why? 

VD: My favourite movie would probably have to be the original! I love Ripley in this one, and Aliens is a close second. I really love the gothic feel of the whole movie.

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CF: Which is your favourite Character and why?

VD: My favourite character is Amanda Ripley from Alien: Isolation. It is one of my favourite video games, and I’m not a horror fan! Amanda is a really interesting character because her personality has so much potential to be developed and unearthed, but this never really happens. However, what is neat about this is that the fans can do this instead of the original writers. The same can be said for most of the characters in the game, sadly.

CF: I understand you’re writing a song about Alien: Isolation, what drove you to create a song?

VD: Yes, I am! I am writing a set of two songs based off of the game and some other elements from a book that I read recently called Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray. I am really involved in a ship in the game, and it is roughly based around that. It won’t be ‘directly’ written about the game due to copyright, however! But I will try to make it as similar as I can.

CF: What about the game speaks to you? What’s so enjoyable about it?

VD: The game’s mechanics are very fun. Like I said before, I’m not exactly the biggest horror fan, but something about how the game feels extremely similar yet unique to the original movie draws me in. The writing isn’t the best, although I do like the characters. (Slightly contradictory? Haha!)

CF: What do you think about the prequel movies?

VD: They’re not too bad! I think they get a bad rap. Prometheus is alright, but not my most favourite movie ever. I LOVE Alien: Covenant though! I hope the prequel series will continue!

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CF: If you could change something about it, what would it be?

VD: Some of the violence in Prometheus seemed a little unnecessary? I know it’s odd saying that when it’s an Alien movie, but some of it didn’t seem relevant to the story. Maybe that’s just me. I still enjoyed it, however. I also wish that Covenant could have used more practical effects than CGI; I saw several videos online about the animatronics of the xenomorph and they were impressive! But the CGI really covered it up in the end.

CF: Do you have any favourite parts about them?

VD: I love story in a movie and I really liked the characters in Covenant, such as Daniels, Tennessee, Walter, and David.

CF: What do you think about the Alien fandom?

VD: I think the Alien fandom is great! It’s very diverse in opinions and extremely open-minded, which I love!


CF: If you could change something about it, what would it be?

VD: I wish it were a little bigger! Maybe then Fox (or Disney now? Who knows!) could listen to us about what to make next. Wishful thinking, unfortunately.


CF: What other things are you interested in?

VD: I love listening to classic rock bands such as Rush, U2, Janis Joplin, as well as playing a good video game or two when I have the liberty of time.


CF: What would you like to do in the future?

VD: I’m currently pursuing an undergraduate in commercial music performance at Belmont University, which is exciting! I hope to become a session musician, a soloist, or maybe even perform in a successful band!

Thanks so much for being a part of this series, all the best with your music. If you’d like to follow her work check out her website.

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