MOON: LUNA [1] COLONY (View on Maps) TERRAFORMED: 2031 – 2039 POPULATION: 4,270,000 ESTABLISHED: 2039* INDUSTRY: Mining, Transportation, Refining, Heavy Industry. NOTES: The first extra-planetary colony established. KEY RESOURCES: Helium-3 [3], Hydrogen [4], Aluminium [5], Silica [6], Water, Oxygen. Peary Crater This colony was never given a name that was trackable, but I have checked […]

Next in our fan creatives series is e-ripley, I found her blog when I joined tumbr. She makes amazing gifs and I had always wondered what drives her to express her passion for the Alien Franchise through gif making. Clara Fei-Fei/ @muthur9000 : When did you start your Tumblr?e-ripley : I’m here since 2010. CF: […]