Crew Messages: Daniels


I think it’s on…

Hi Dad, I’m here on the Covenant

We are each allowed one transmission back to Earth so

I’m excited for what we’re doing, we are reshaping an entire planet

Building a new life for 2,000 families, children, my kids some day

Yeah I think I am exactly where I am supposed to be

Daniels to group: You hear that?

Someone: Anything passed I would have heard it here

Someone else: Get a light on this

Now that it’s actually happening, now that I am up here

Earth is getting smaller and smaller

I’m never going to see you again

If something does happen to me Dad I just want you to know

I love you so much

Ok, I gotta go


Daniels sends a message back to her Father on Earth, we have only heard about Daniels mother through her test PHOBOS where she responds with the prompt MOTHER with “bitch” which may be a reference to Ripley and calling MUTHUR bitch when the self-destruct sequence wasn’t able to be stopped.


This surname comes from the Hebrew male personal name “Daniel”, which means “God is my judge.” Its one of the most important prophets in the Bible. The name is believed to be introduced by the Normans as both a given name and a surname.

“The abomination that causes desolation,’ spoken of through the prophet Daniel”

Matthew 24:15

The Book of Daniel is about a biblical apocalypse, it combines history with an eschatology (theology concerned with death, judgement, and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind). [1]

It’s really interesting that the Book of Daniel would deal with the final destiny of the human race, for that sort of symbolism to be present in Alien is a very big hint for things to come on Origae-6.

“Daniel” was a very popular name throughout medieval Europe, largely due to the “Book of Daniel” in the Bible, and a famous 2nd Century Christian martyr and 9th Century hermit, legends of whose lives were popular during the Middle Ages among Christians.


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