“Wanting a high tech look that supported the quest lead by a super advanced scientific research facility, Ridley Scott’s art team turned to Territory for screen graphics. Prometheus was a brilliant project for us. Not only are we all Alien fans, but as graphic designers, we revere Ron Cobbs iconic design work. But Ridley was […]

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Sophia is Hanson Robotics’ latest and most advanced robot to date and a cultural icon. She has become a media darling, appearing on major media outlets around the world, igniting the interest of people regardless of age, gender, and culture, even gracing the cover of one of the top fashion magazines.  Her press coverage has […]

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<INTERFACE 2037 READY FOR INQUIRY> ? Entry #36 in Nostromo Mania Fred’s “Retour a Shepperton…il y a 40 ans” project. ? https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1943746312381927&id=1327266277363270&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARDHNZTToJjXuEV0vd8z-TDpDYfjc5mEIQty45syBDavty3CaJ9y0lIDwCTTevbyEHcLB7k19XZq4Ixm6omEyNaG71rZfsLVCAZkcJPzBpy-RVJNXUgxcxUsB8oqosl4iDXEitQvIJFoXlx7PGqAhdR36FpdRO8rtfdQ95hIJg8DkP2KVTd1Zw&__tn__=-R ? Click here for a brief introduction to the project. ? <INTERFACE 2037 DISCONNECT>

MOON: LUNA [1] COLONY (View on Maps) TERRAFORMED: 2031 – 2039 POPULATION: 4,270,000 ESTABLISHED: 2039* INDUSTRY: Mining, Transportation, Refining, Heavy Industry. NOTES: The first extra-planetary colony established. KEY RESOURCES: Helium-3 [3], Hydrogen [4], Aluminium [5], Silica [6], Water, Oxygen. Peary Crater This colony was never given a name that was trackable, but I have checked […]

Next in our fan creatives series is e-ripley, I found her blog when I joined tumbr. She makes amazing gifs and I had always wondered what drives her to express her passion for the Alien Franchise through gif making. Clara Fei-Fei/ @muthur9000 : When did you start your Tumblr?e-ripley : I’m here since 2010. CF: […]

MOON: “Mare Tranquillitatis” SEA OF TRANQUILITY [1] COLONY (View on Maps) TERRAFORMED: 2031 – 2039 POPULATION: 2,200,000 ESTABLISHED: 2041 INDUSTRY: Light Manufacturing, Cybernetics, Biotech, Security, Education, Mining NOTES: The moon’s light gravity makes it ideal for specific types of technology manufacturing and biotech development. Discovered in 1610.KEY RESOURCES: Titanium [2], Helium-3 [3], Hydrogen [4], Aluminium […]

Perversion of Pregnancy It’s such a beautiful thing to be able to see a baby in the womb, unveiling the miracles of the human body. Similarly, the interactive VR short In Utero makes that magical experience become a nightmare. You take on the position of the alien, marvelling at natures most destructive creature as it […]