It is interesting to note that this Engineer Cathedral is comprised of different structures, from the Roman Empire to the former Yugoslavia. Details pieced together from these design choices can better explain what sort of message was being conveyed. Concept Art by Steve Messing [1] [2] Grmeč [3] Symbolism The shape of the memorial complex […]

To find out more about this project head to The Weyland Diaries On this day in 1990 Peter Weyland is born in Mumbai His mother is an Oxford Educated Professor, during her time travelling through India while studying Vedic Literature and comparing Brahma is sometimes identified with the Vedic god Prajapati, linked to Kama and Hiranyagarbha (the cosmic egg). His father […]

Meredith Pronunciation /ˈmɛrɪdɪθ/ MERR-i-dith,/mɛˈrɛdɪθ/ merr-ED-ith after the Welsh Gender Male or female Origin Welsh Lord, Protector, Guardian of the sea or Great chief.  Vickers This interesting surname, with variant spellings Vicars, Viccars and Vickars, has two possible origins. Firstly, it may be a patronymic surname for the “son of a vicar”, deriving from the Middle English “vicare”, plus […]

Cobra Lily 1. Katingtonia Sharrokonica – the Cobra Lily The Cobra Lily grows mainly in the out world, a subservient counterpart of Shoa Khania (the wrath oak) Its seeds can be ground into a superb opiate Its curls are vast, its reach fi(r)m and simply stunning. 2. the Cobra Lily Sharrokonica Katingtonia Its seeds can be ground into a superb opiate. […]

Added date of the recording played of Sir Peter Weyland in Prometheus mission briefing to timeline ALIEN + BLADE RUNNER SHARED UNIVERSE TIMELINE The Predator Giveaway! Comic sequel to Aliens: Defiance and Alien: Isolation Competition time! William Gibson’s Alien 3 Alien: Echo by Mira Grant due April 9, 2019 Farewell Al Matthews… Westworld Minisode SE1 EP1 […]

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