Blog Updates for 1st Nov

  1. The Biological Daughter and The Artificial Son By Gothic-Fiction-In-Space
  2. Flora: Cobra Lily
  3. The Necropolis III
  4. Weyland Diaries: On this day in 1990…
  5. The Engineer Cathedral Analysis
  6. Added more to the B L A C K . M I R R O R section
  7. Yutani is also on Blogger
  8. Added more to the ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES section
  9. In Utero
  10. In Utero Analysis
  11. MOON: Sea of Tranquility Colony
  12. Fan Creatives: e-ripley, Gif Maker
  13. MOON: Luna Colony
  14. Added a ne section for the rumoured Alien TV Series
  15. David’s Drawings Reaction – Yutani Podcast Episode 19
  16. Weyland Diaries
  17. UI Screens by Territory Studio
  18. Psycho in Alien: Covenant
  19. MARS: Valles Colony
  20. Crew Messages: Daniels
  21. Cold Iron Studios Job Posting
  22. MARS: Leo Colony
  23. Weylan-Yutani Shipping Routes (c. 2122) / “The Lucky 13”
  24. Creatives: Paul Nelson, VFX on Prometheus
  25. William Gibson’s Alien 3: Updates
  26. Patreon Prize Draw October Twitch Stream

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